The Dancing Heart Welcomes you…

The Dancing Heart was established in 1998 by Lisa Lanzetta with her vision of a world where people are valued for their unique Soul expression.

“ We come into this world with a specific, personal destiny, we have a job to do, a calling to enact and a self to become. We are meant to find who we already are and become it.”

~ Steven Pressfield

There’s no place like HOME.

Choose a new path...with a new map.

Allowing for a greater vision to replace old ideas and beliefs as you dream a grander dream for yourself and life!

Where the beauty of “your” beingness reveals itself, your authenticity becomes your real power and strength.


Lisa on Path

Aho! I’m Lisa Lanzetta, Soul advocate-Shamanic coach

“I step forward fearless, pure in my intent as an advocate for the soul, taking a stand for the unusual, rare and extraordinary-these are the gems i place on the altar of honoring.”

~ Lisa Lanzetta

My desire for you is to be free to express your uniqueness in the world and share in life’s endless possibilities.

Regardless of your journey thus far, what has happened to you, what external situations, challenges or roadblocks continue to show up.

You can choose a new path…

Saying no to:

* the pain of the past

* the voice of the inner critic

* those who have dimmed your light.

Saying YES to you-Coming home to Soul...Yours!  Work with me

As your navigator/shamanic coach i will assist you in the Soul re-discovery bringing forth the new version of you, through utilizing timeless foundational principles comprised of ancient revered wisdom, modernized and made practical for you!

Step on your new path...A journey of true North

* Reclaim your timeless integrity and dignity

* Wake up to a life more fulfilled and connected

* Love yourself more deeply

* Access your innate wisdom for a new place of safety and security

* Live comfortably in your own skin

* Learn to hear your soul voice

A true sense of belonging lies ahead… Work with me

Open the a soul-led life!